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Big Hut Restoration

How it all began - hut building Christmas 1945. The Otago Ski Club's 1938 stone 'Top Hut' at rear


Hut condition at change of ownership to Rock and Pillar Hut Trust - November 2003
Water tank crushed by snow - falling downpipe has smashed wall cladding. Ceiling pushed out by wind-driven snow


Stage One Restoration - 2003/4 Summer

Securing the exterior

Installing 'Drainflow' around hut
Sealing and screwing down the roof

Water tank re-installed

Bearers re-packed


Kitchen 2003-5

Common Room 2003/4

Common Room 2004/5

Roof 2004/5

Walls 2005/6



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Rock and Pillar Hut Trust Inc., R D 1, Omakau 9376, Central Otago, New Zealand