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Where do you find us?

16 Aberafon St, Middlemarch, just up from SH 87, or round the corner from the Middlemarch Railway Station.

What do we have?

Limited Groceries - bread, eggs (free-range/ organic), milk, flour, cereals etc.

Milkshakes, cold drinks, ice cream sundaes/ sodas, novelty and cone ice creams, sweets, fudge and hot pies.

Streets Novelty Ice Creams - Cyclones, Paddle-pops, Cookie Crumbles, Bubble o’Bills, Magnums, Cornetto’s just to name a few.

Frozen Products - pizzas, veggies, pastry, oven fries, hash browns and similar assorted products.

Outram Butchery Meats - vacuum packed or frozen meats including chops, sausages, pork, saveloys, mince, steaks, small roasts, bacon and more.

Dairy products - butter, margarine, cheese, cream, sour cream, cream cheese

Also available - greeting cards, phone top up’s, DVD hire, pool keys, Grocott’s Garden supplies, local accommodation information and Eftpos available too.

Christmas Items - We will have just a few small stocking fillers or small gift ideas on hand, such as boxes of chocolates, bikkies, candy cones, chocolate Santa's, etc - so don’t despair Christmas Eve.

Daily School Lunch Orders - delivered to the school - order via the school or ring Maggie's directly.

We’re open to suggestions and what we don’t have today, we will do our best to supply within approximately 3 days.

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  Last updated 12 November 2015